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Knut Lundmark once made advertisement for – whisky, in this case Schenley Whisky. “I particularly appreciate Schenley Whisky with its mild taste – it certainly deserves the star marking it has been assigned. Although I am a passionate consumer of carbonated water, I gladly take Schenley pure…” Lundmark did receive at least one angry letter, criticising him for his unrestrained “advertising of luxury liquor” The Swedish astronomy professor was in nice company. Several Hollywood celebrities also made advertisement for the whisky label.










At Lund Observatory socializing was not uncommon. The picture shows a crayfish party in 1940 and at the table from left to right is Frida Palmér, Per Collinder, Sture Bohlin, Knut Lundmark, Walter Gyllenberg, John Olsson, Carl-Gustav Danver, Anders Reiz, Katherine Gordon, Theodor Wåhlin, Wilhelm Norlind and Peter Raquette (Photo credit Peter Raguette).

The picture can be found e.g. in the book Lundaögon mot stjärnornaBut why do they all look so gloomy? Poor Frida Palmér! The enemies Lundmark and Gyllenberg seem to agree rather well over the claws after all.

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