On April 21, 2007, the Society celebrated its 70th anniversary in Lundmark Hall, Astronomihuset, Lund. It took the form of a one-day seminar about the Society and its founder Professor Knut Lundmark. 58 people participated in the symposium. Parts of the symposium were recorded in a unique video recording (Swedish only).


Short summary of programme

Astronomical development during the past 70 years and how this has been reflected in the company's activities
- chronicle by Peter Linde, Ingemar Lundström and Björn Stenholm.


When space was desolate.  Some reflections on a radio discussion between Harry Martinson and Knut Lundmark - Anita Sundman, Stockholm Observatory.

Pictures that Knut Lundmark could not even dream of ... A picture and sound show about contemporary astronomy - Bengt Rosengren.

Impressions about Lundmark - a conversation about man, astronomer, Strindberg authority - Ulf R. Johansson and editor Roger Gottfridsson, astronomer Bertil Anders Lindblad, Strindberg authority Sven Tollin and 104 year old amateur astronomer Greta Andersson.

Lundmark Award.
Presented by Peter Linde to Klas Hyltén-Cavallius.